1927 Brew House

An assortment of our 1927 Brew House Beers. From left to right, our Grant St. Pilsner, our Seneca St. Amber Ale, our IPAllen IPA, and our Main & Tupper IPA.

About Us

1927 Brew House represents the first year that Fioravante Santora started to sell pizza in the WNY area. Fioravante was the very first to sell pizza in this region and now, 4 generations later, Santora's Pizza Pub & Grill is one of Buffalo's premier and most recognized brands in the area. Now we are in the process of developing one of WNY's finest breweries that will enhance what has already been a great part of Buffalo, NY.  Our 1927 Brew House Beer will be made with all of the same histories, with fresh, all-natural ingredients and its own original flavors and selection. We look forward to seeing you and making your experience with us one that Fioravante Santora would be proud of.