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Large Chicken Bacon Ranch

Smoky BBQ sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, grilled chicken, bacon, chopped tomato topped with fresh parsley and buttermilk ranch dressing

Chicken Bacon Ranch Mods (16oz):Smokey BBQ Sauce (16") Mozzarella (16") Grilled Chicken (16") Bacon (16") Tomatoes (16") Cheddar (16") Ranch Dressing (16") Parsley (16")
Whole Toppings (Large):Extra Mozz (16") +$3.89Cup & Char Pepperoni (16") +$3.89Anchovies (16") +$5.84Bacon (16") +$3.89Black Olives (16") +$3.89Broccoli (16") +$3.89Caramelized Onions (16") +$3.89Cheddar (16") +$3.89Chicken Fingers (16") +$5.84Crumble Bleu (16") +$3.89Goat Cheese (16") +$5.84Green Olives (16") +$3.89Green Peppers (16") +$3.89Grilled Chicken (16") +$5.84Hot Peppers (16") +$3.89Jalapenos (16") +$3.89Meatballs (16") +$3.89Mushrooms (16") +$3.89Onions (16") +$3.89Pineapple (16") +$3.89Portobello Mushrooms (16") +$3.89Red Onion (16") +$3.89Rib Eye Steak (16") +$5.84Ricotta (16") +$3.89Roasted Red Peppers (16") +$5.84Sausage (16") +$3.89Spinach (16") +$3.89Tomatoes (16") +$3.89
Extras/Side Sauces:Side Blue Cheese +$0.89Side Ranch +$0.89Side Hot +$0.89Side Medium +$0.89Side Mild +$0.89Side Cajun +$0.89Side Angry Santora Hot +$0.89Side Hot Garlic +$0.89Side Oriental Sriracha +$0.89Side Smokey BBQ +$0.89Side Garlic Parm +$0.89Side Red Sauce +$0.99Side Sour Cream +$0.99Side Salsa +$0.89Side Cheese Sauce +$1.49Side Beer Mustard +$1.49Side Toasted Baguettes +$1.89melted butter +$0.89
Pizza Instructions:$Side Bleu Cheese +$0.89$Side Ranch (2oz) +$0.89Thin Crust Well Done Half Baked Lite Baked Cut In Squares With Wings - extra time needed Gluten Free (Medium Only) Extra Sauce

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