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Medium Pesto & Grilled Chicken

Homemade basil pesto, grilled chicken & roasted red peppers topped with mozzarella cheese & italian seasonings

Pesto & Grild Chic Modifiers (12"):Basil Pesto Sauce (12") Mozzarella (12") Grilled Chicken (12") Roasted Red Peppers (12")
Whole Toppings (12”):Anchovies (12") +$4.12Bacon (12") +$2.75Black Olives (12") +$2.75Broccoli (12") +$2.75Cheddar (12") +$2.75Chicken Fingers (12") +$4.12Crumble Bleu (12") +$2.75Cup & Char Pepperoni (12") +$2.75Goat (12") +$4.12Green Olives (12") +$2.75Green Peppers (12") +$2.75Grilled Chicken (12") +$4.12Hot Peppers (12") +$2.75Jalapenos (12") +$2.75Meatballs (12") +$2.75Mozzarella (12") +$2.75Mushrooms (12") +$2.75Onions (12") +$2.75Pineapple (12") +$2.75Pepperoni (12") +$2.75Portobello Mushrooms (12") +$2.75Red Onion (12") +$2.75Rib Eye Steak (12") +$4.12Ricotta (12") +$2.75Roasted Red Peppers (12") +$4.12Sausage (12") +$2.75Spinach (12") +$2.75Tomatoes (12") +$2.75
Extras/Side Sauces:Side Blue Cheese +$0.89Side Ranch +$0.89Side Hot +$0.89Side Medium +$0.89Side Mild +$0.89Side Cajun +$0.89Side Angry Santora Hot +$0.89Side Hot Garlic +$0.89Side Oriental Sriracha +$0.89Side Smokey BBQ +$0.89Side Garlic Teryaki +$0.89Side Garlic Parm +$0.89Side Red Sauce +$0.99Side Sour Cream +$0.99Side Salsa +$0.89Side Cheese Sauce +$1.49Side Beer Mustard +$1.49Side Toasted Baguettes +$1.89
Gluten Free Crust:Gluten Free Crust
Pizza Instructions:$Side Bleu Cheese +$0.89$Side Sauce (2oz) +$0.89$Side Ranch (2oz) +$0.89Thin Crust Well Done Half Baked Lite Baked Cut In Squares With Wings - extra time needed Gluten Free (Medium Only) Extra Sauce

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